Call for New Abstracts

Dear colleagues,

We are more than happy to announce that in October more than 600 abstracts were confirmed by the original applicants by an RSVP confirming they have the intention to participate in the postponed 2nd COTEC-ENOTHE Congress on September 15–18, 2021. Thank you very much for your commitment!

The Organizing Committee is of course developing ideas for the upcoming Congress and will decide in January 2021 what the format of the congress will be; virtual, hybrid or face to face. In that way the Scientific Committee can work further on the definitive program. For now the starting point is the draft program which means we have the opportunity to open up this new call for abstracts. There are 65 slots/ positions open for new abstracts (presentations or posters). We would like to stress that the Scientific Committee is very interested in new abstracts involving topics related to COVID-19 and the role of OT Education, Practice and Research in building resilience in individuals, communities and countries.

The conference theme ‘Occupational Therapy Europe – building resilience in individuals, communities and countries’ reflects the increasing prevalence of resilience in many aspects of society.

From an individual perspective resilience can be seen as: The ability for an individual to overcome trauma or a major life changing event while maintaining a defined, stable trajectory of healthy functioning (1) Overcoming an event could be shown in emotional, cognitive-behavioural, social and or physical resilience (2) This could be measured by an individuals’ maintaining his or her life roles and occupational demands.

Community resilience is a process linking a set of adaptive capacities to a positive trajectory of functioning and adaptation after a disturbance, where a positive trajectory manifests in improved community wellbeing (3). As such, community resilience is focussed on improving community wellbeing in both the short and longer term, which emphasises the active and future oriented nature of community resilience. This active nature of community resilience means that it encompasses community actions and community processes (4).

National resilience addresses the issue of the society’s sustainability and strength in several diverse realms. Four main social components have been attributed to national resilience: patriotism, optimism, social integration, and trust in political and public institutions (5).

Although as above it could be defined differently in the context of individuals, families, societies and cultures, we could see it as an umbrella term describing the range of personal protective factors, environmental supports and resources, as well as self-regulatory processes, engaged in response to adversity.

Resilience building has always been a part of occupational therapy practice but might not always be recognised or named as such. Occupational therapy has a lot to add to the art and science of resilience and to how individuals, families and communities can improve their abilities to adapt and respond positively to life stressors.

Reflecting the variety of resilience the 2nd COTEC-ENOTHE CONGRESS 2021 aims to:

We welcome new abstract submissions that represent the understanding resilience from an occupational therapy perspective, as well as those that present resilience models and its challenges from inter­dis­ci­pli­nary point of view.

We invite you to submit an abstract for oral, poster or workshop presentations.
The closing date is January 22, 2021.

Simply read the full guideline for authors and submit your abstract, via Exordo.

On behalf of the Scientific and Organising Committees

Soemitro Poerbodipoero (President ENOTHE)
Anu Söderström (President COTEC)

For queries about abstract submission please contact: