Pre-recording oral presentations

Dear authors,

We hope you had the opportunity to find your accepted oral presentation scheduling in the conference programme.

If you haven’t had the chance, please access the programme here.

To enhance the search feature, you can follow these instructions.

As you know your oral presentation requires a pre-recording of 5 minutes. The deadline to upload is September 8, 2021. In order to assist you in this task, GUARANT International, our conference partner, kindly put together an instruction guide, which includes all requirements and some examples. Access the guide here.

The pre-recording of your presentation will have to be uploaded onto the congress platform. (In due time we will come back to you with further information on this procedure, along with timeline.)

Each session of oral presentations ends with a timeslot for a Q&A session. It is expected for you to be available on chat (and/or on microphone) to comment on your presentation if necessary. There will be a chair and technical support to guide the sessions.

Happy recordings!!

With kind regards



Note: All presenting authors are expected have completed their registration by August 25, 2021, to be able to feature in the final conference programme, securing their submission presentation.